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Review: Danny McMahon Set To Release The Brand New Single “Lonely”!

UK country music sensation Danny McMahon is set to release the brand new single “Lonely” on Friday 22nd November via Puzzle Maker Studios.

This upcoming release features an upbeat country tempo that captures the purity & sincerity surrounding this artist’s individual & charismatic voice.

Speaking about his single, Danny said “For me, the new single is all about contrast. I have been listening to the new Morgan Wallen album recently and although the feel of the music is very powerful and uplifting, there is often an underlying hidden meaning in the lyrical content that goes deeper than you would initially anticipate”.

He continues “The feel and vibe of ‘Lonely’ is very upbeat but the lyrical theme is reflective of what has become a very desperate situation that someone cannot get out. The listener could relate this to any current scenario they are going through.”

The lyrics feature an enticing grasp that perfectly reflects the natural & feel-good elements behind Danny’s vocals, which allows listeners the opportunity to hear a raw & heartfelt musical performance.

You can pre-order “Lonely” on Spotify & iTunes.

You can check out some of Danny’s previous releases on Spotify below.

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