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Review: Eleri Angharad Releases The Official Video For “Staircase”!

Swansea based country crossover artist Eleri Angharad has released the official video for “Staircase”!

This latest single has been lifted from Eleri’s debut album ‘Earthbound’, which has been streamed over 12,000 times since it’s release.

Speaking about this song, Eleri said “Staircase is all about that moment you catch eyes with someone and your mind goes into overdrive imagining a whole lifetime set out. It’s about falling incredibly fast for someone and never knowing whether it’s real or all in your head”.

This track perfectly enhances the delicate & angelic undertone behind this gifted artist’s extraordinary voice & allows her the chance to deliver a pure & heartfelt performance that showcases her stunning musical creativity. 

The official video is a perfect representation for the story behind the lyrics & allows listeners the opportunity to join Eleri on a 3:18 musical journey. 

You can check out the official video for “Staircase” below. 

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