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Review: Marína Ósk Releases The Brand New Album ‘Athvar’!

Rising Icelandic music sensation Marína Ósk has released her debut album titled ‘Athvar’. 

The name of the album, Atvharf, means Refuge and refers to how music has been Marína’s “safe place where she could rest or gather strength.

Performed entirely in Icelandic, this album was recorded in Sundlaugin studio in March 2019 & features 11 enchanting songs that have been written and arranged by Marína herself.

Speaking about her brand new release & the journey behind it, Maria said “Having lived abroad for a few years, you start to appreciate how powerful ones native tongue is. The Icelandic language is rooted in storytelling and filled with picturesque words which can help you get to the root of the feeling you want to bring forward in a lyric. There was really never any doubt that the album would be in Icelandic!”

Each song focuses on how everyday moments and uncontrollable phenomenons of nature can affect our mentality, along with the emotions of the people around us.

This album features a soothing classical & jazz tone, which elegantly reflects within the purity & beauty behind the lyrics of each song.

Marina delivers an enchanting vocal performance that showcases the angelic undertone behind her delicate vocals, which enables listeners to feel an instant connection.

Overall, I believe that Marina has delivered a breathtaking album that showcases her musical creativity & allows her the chance to express herself to the world.

You can check out the full album on Spotify below.

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