Release: Dani Jack Releases The Emotive New Single “Dance”!

Rising country music sensation Dani Jack has released the heart touching new single titled “Dance”.

Co-written & produced alongside Craig Lackey, Chris Condon & Leigh Houison. This latest single is a tribute to the ones we have lost around us, & the things we continue to do for them everyday to them proud.

Shortly after moving to Nashville, Dani met Fabi Powell, her future best friend and former ballerina, in the bathroom of a wine bar. Fabi’s husband, Josh Powell, had passed away two weeks prior after his two year battle with sarcoma cancer ended.

As they leaned on each other through these huge life changes, Dani was inspired by Fabi’s will to keep her late husband’s memory, passion, and legacy alive.

While going through his battle, Josh’s mission was to “Keep Going,” and he never stopped setting goals or making plans for the future. Fabi came across these goals while reading through his journal and took it upon herself to do all of these things in his honor, sometimes bringing Dani along. Just as Josh and Fabi met dancing at a Nashville honky tonk, Fabi continued to dance and keep living as she knew he would want her to, even founding the Josh Powell Foundation, dedicated to inspiring newly diagnosed sarcoma patients to “Keep Going” and their loved ones to “Keep Dancing”.

Dani delivers a moving & heartfelt musical performance that brings the emotive energy behind the lyrics to centre stage, which enables to you to feel instant connection to the song itself.

You can check out “Dance” on Spotify below.

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