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Review: Michela Agius Releases The Brand New Single “In Your Head”!

Upcoming Maltese musician Michela Agius recently released the catchy new single “In Your Head”!

Written by Michela Agius, Muxu, Peter Borg and Aleandro Spiteri Monsigneur, this latest release focuses on the emotions you experience when you fall for someone & are unsure if they feel the same way about you.

This catchy mid-tempo single has given Michela the chance to deliver a soulful vocal performance that showcases the heartfelt emotion that features deep within her angelic voice.

I believe that Michela has a unique & charismatic voice that has the ability to capture the emotive nature behind her musical releases, which a credible statement to her talent as an artist.

I would honestly not be surprised to see Michela making huge waves within the music scene in the near future.

You can check out “In Your Head” on Spotify below.

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