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Review: Charlotte Grayson Releases The Brand New Single “Tip Toe”!

Rising music sensation Charlotte Grayson has released her brand new single titled “Tip Toe”!

This latest release focuses on the ups & downs that come from being in a relationship, & how even on the darkest days, you can find a way of finding the magic once again.

I believe that this catchy mid-tempo single features a natural energy that gives Charlotte the chance to deliver a stunning & heartfelt performance that instantly draws you into the song.

Charlotte has a pure charismatic voice that has the ability to portray a variety of emotions at once, which perfectly symbolise’s the emotive nature behind the lyrics of this latest release.

This artist has a unique musical talent that has the power to capture anyone’s attention from the first few seconds of listening, & I would not be surprised if we see this gifted musician making huge waves on the music scene very shortly.

You can check out “Tip Toe” on Spotify below.

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