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Review: Olivia Lane Releases The Brand New EP ‘The One’!

Rising Country-pop-rock singer-songwriter Olivia Lane has released her brand new EP titled ‘The One’!

This latest release features 6-tracks that highlight the musical creativity behind this talented artist.

The first song to feature on this EP, “So Good It Hurts”, is a feel-good mid-tempo country/rock love song that showcases the fun & vibrant textures behind Olivia’s voice.

The second single, “The Cape”, is another mid-tempo track that speaks about learning to take back control of your life & starting to chase your dreams.

There is a passionate energy surrounding this song that has given the expressive strength behind Olivia’s voice a chance to shine.

The third single, “Friends Don’t”, is a heartfelt ballad that talk’s about the emotion’s you experience when you start to fall deep for someone who see’s you more as a friend.

From the moment you hear this song, you automatically find yourself feeling lost within the emotive energy that surrounds the lyrics, & will be wanting to have this song on replay for a long while to come.

The fourth single, “Let It Hurt”, is a heartbreaking ballad that focuses on speaking up & saying how you feel. It’s okay not to feel yourself every minute, of every day, & you should never have to hide it.

The soothing textures behind Olivia’s voice gets the chance to showcase the emotional aspects of the lyrics, which helps to draw you in from the very first listen.

The fifth single, “The One”, speaks about not being second best in someone’s eyes & only being good for them when it suit’s their schedule.

This song also help’s to highlight the passionate energy behind Olivia’s voice, which gives you the chance to see more from the artist behind the music.

The final song to feature on this EP, “Not Know”, features a country-rock melody that highlights the charismatic energy surrounding Olivia’s distinctive musical style.

Overall, I believe that this EP showcases the extraordinary talent that Olivia possesses, by bringing us a wide variety of tracks that bring us a mixture of country, pop & rock that gives us the opportunity of getting to know the artist herself.

This is one EP that I would highly recommend & I know that I will be keeping it on repeat for the near future!

You can check out the full EP on Spotify below.

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