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Review: Aymee Weir Releases The Brand New Single “Stay That Way”!

Independent pop/electronic artist Aymee Weir has released the brand new single titled “Stay That Way”!

Speaking about her latest release, Aymee said “‘Stay That Way’ is written about wanting to re-visit a past relationship but realising that it’s in the past for a reason and it should stay there.’

This soothing ballad highlights the emotional aspects behind Aymee’s sweet & delicate voice, which help’s you to build an instant connection with the song itself.

This latest single has also given this gifted artist the chance to showcase the angelic qualities behind her musical style, & continues to feature the captivating emotional aspects that featured alongside her EP ‘Hindsight‘.

There is something very extraordinary about this musical artist, which instantly captures your attention & gives you the chance to relate your own experiences with the song’s themselves.

I don’t think it will be long before we see this artist heading straight towards the top of the charts.

You can check out “Stay That Way” on Spotify below.

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