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Review: Kelsey Bovey Releases Her Debut EP ‘It’s My Time’!

Aspiring singer-songwriter Kelsey Bovey has released her debut EP titled ‘It’s My Time’!

This upcoming musician has recently published her debut single “Define Me”, which received a large stream of positive reviews, & has been building up to the release of her EP ever since.

Now the wait is finally over & Kelsey has released her debut EP that features a pop-country vibe that will attract your attention from the first time you hear it.

The first single to feature on Kelsey’s debut EP is “Define Me”, which features an acoustic country vibe that help’s to show the smooth & passionate elements behind Kelsey’s voice.

The second single “Lady In Red” is an enchanting ballad that gives the emotional aspect behind this artist’s alluring vocals a chance to shine, & allows us to see the natural charm that this artist possesses.

The final track on this EP is “Positivity” that features an engaging backing track that beautifully defines the charismatic nature behind this incredibly talented musician.

Each song features a piece of Kelsey’s charismatic charm & gives her angelic vocals a chance to express the natural beauty that features behind her incredible voice.
I wouldn’t be surprised to be seeing Kelsey making huge waves on the UK music scene very shortly.

You can check out the full EP on Spotify below.

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