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Review: Dela Kay Releases The Brand New Single “Think About You”!

Rising electro-pop music sensation Dela Kay has just released her brand new single titled “Think About You”!

Co-written alongside Michael Kight, “Think About You” has been described as an “ode to internal insecurity in relationships. The overwhelming wave of worrying when you don’t know where your significant other is, what they’re doing or what they’re feeling. An emotional task where you don’t know if you can make it work alone, but knowing it’s the only chance for the relationship”.

This latest release is an uptempo dance track that harnesses an uplifting melody, which combines together to create a musical sensation that showcases the soothing textures behind Dela’s angelic voice.

Having already gained over 1.1M streams on Spotify, and 99K views on Youtube, Dela has stamped her mark within the music world & this song is only going to help pave the way for a long and exciting musical career.

Overall, I believe that Dela has delivered another incredible piece of music that show’s the energetic determination behind her vocals while giving the emotive essence behind her voice a chance to take the lead for the full duration of the track.

You can check out “Think About You” on Spotify below.

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