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Review: Dakota Cohen Releases The Official Video For “No One”!

Photo: Dakota Cohen “No One” Official Video.

Former American Idol contestant & rising music sensation Dakota Cohen has released the official video for her latest single “No One”!

Releasing her first official music video, Dakota showcases her fun & joyous feel-good factor by dancing around in a variety of locations centred around LA.

The video took two days to film, & consisted of a 5 woman crew of young adults aged between 17-18 (I wish the video’s I filmed that age had looked this good!). Dakota had come up with the concept behind the video, & the costume ideas, but overall, it was a strong team effort to create this eye-catching video.

I believe that the official video perfectly symbolises the message behind the song while Dakota delivers a fun & entertaining performance for the full duration of this latest release.

You can check out the official video for “No One” below.

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