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Review: Lena Leon, Kastra & Andy Tongren Release The Brand New Single “Walls”!

Critically acclaimed singer, producer, audio engineer & songwriter Lena Leon has teamed-up alongside Kastra & Andy Tongren (Young Rising Sons) to release the brand new single “Walls”!

This latest release features an uplifting & feel-good sound that contradicts the story of the song, which expresses the emotions you can experience during a heartbreak.

Lena said “Walls represents both the walls of the room the couple lived in together and the walls they created between themselves. The lyrics tell a story of two people packing their bags, and moving out of the place they lived together after they’ve decided it wasn’t working out between them”.

This single has given Lena the chance to display a heartfelt performance that perfectly represents the emotive texture of the heartbreak featured within the lyrics, & gives this talented artist the chance to give the emotional elements behind her voice a chance to take the lead on this catchy release.

You can check out “Walls” on Spotify below.

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