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Review: Sody Releases Official Lyrics Video For “I Don’t Know You Anymore” (Demo)!

Rising pop music sensation Sody has released the official lyric video for “I Don’t Know You Anymore” (Demo)!

This heartfelt number focuses on the despair you experience when someone who you could not live without, slowly exits your life & leaves you with the memories of the person that they use to be before they changed into someone you can no longer recognise.

Sody’s emotive voice takes centre stage for the full duration of this latest release & brings out the passionate nature that was intended to shine through the lyrics of this incredible new song.

The way that Sody displays an enchanting performance that captures your full attention from the first few seconds of listening is a musical gift to be admired. The silky smooth texture behind Sody’s voice perfectly highlights the raw emotion that features within the lyrics & gives you the chance to see the artist behind the music.

You can check out Sody’s latest release on Spotify below.

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