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Review: Abby Anderson Releases The Brand New Single “Guy Like You”!

Contemporary country/pop musician Abby Anderson has released her brand new single titled “Guy Like You”!

Co-written alongside Jason Saenz & Josh Kerr, this upbeat country song focuses on falling for a guy who makes your world feel complete.

This feel-good song has given Abby the chance to showcase the fun & bubbly undertone behind her angelic vocals & deliver an entertaining vibe for the full duration of this latest release.

There is something about this song that will have you dancing along from the first time that you hear it & will be heading straight into a number of our summer playlists.

I believe that this song has given Abby the chance to deliver an entertaining performance that showcases this artist’s musical talent & gives the listeners a chance to see the natural gift that this she possesses.

You can check out “Guy Like You” on Spotify below.

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