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Review: Jillian Steele Releases The Brand New Single “No Expectations”!

American pop/indie musician Jillian Steele has released her brand new single titled “No Expectations”!

Co-written alongside Michel Heyaca and James Shelley, Jillian speaks about her latest release saying “Life was happening around me and I was just in it without any control and through this song I gained insight that I do deserve things and I should have expectations of what I want”.

She continued “The main inspiration behind this song was the feeling of constant worry I had that if I let someone get too close to me they would find my faults and I think wouldn’t be enough”.

The story behind this song features a heartfelt sentiment that gives you the opportunity to relate to the song on a personal level & connect your own feelings to the lyrics themselves.

This single has given Jillian the chance to showcase the silky smooth quality behind her voice & display an emotive performance for the full duration of this latest release.

You can check out “No Expectations” on Spotify below.

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