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Review: Temecula Road Release Their Brand New Single “Fades”!

Country music trio Temecula Road have released their brand new single titled “Fades”!

Composed of sisters Emma & Maddie Salute & longtime friend Dawson Anderson, Temecula Road is a rising musical trio who have recently released their single “Fades”, which centres around the emotions you experience when you are trying to move on from the person who you thought you would be spending the rest of your life with.

The song perfectly reflects the purity of the vocals that feature throughout these talented artist’s vocals & help to showcase the natural talent that they possess.

There is something about this trio that instantly captures your full attention & captivates you with the purity that is hidden within the lyrics.

Overall, I believe that this trio feature a variety of vocals that perfectly combine together to create a beautiful harmony that helps to captivate your full attention from the very first listen & carry across the emotion behind the lyrics to engage a more personal connection with the listeners of their music.

You can check out “Fades” on Spotify below.

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