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Review: Alec Benjamin Releases The Brand New Single “Must Have Been The Wind”!

Singer/songwriter Alec Benjamin has released the emotional new single “Must Have Been The Wind”!

The song features a heartbreaking story of not being able to help someone stuck in a horrible situation since they reject any help that is offered their way, but you still let them know that you will be there for them when they feel the time is right.

I feel that this song highlights a massive problem that faces us in society & the guilt that you feel when you can’t do anything to help someone who you know is going through something indescribable.

The song features a captivating tone that showcases Alec’s natural vocals & gives the purity behind his voice a chance to take centre stage for the full duration of this song.

You find yourself feeling lost within this latest release from the first 30 seconds of listening & will be left craving more when the song comes to a close.

Overall, I believe that this is another incredible song from Alec, as it has given him the chance to showcase his pure vocals with the acoustic nature behind the melody of the song & deliver an emotional performance for the full duration of this single.

You can check out “Must Have Been The Wind” on Spotify below.

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