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Interview: Neoni “It’s our everyday decisions that decide our future and we all have the power to decide”! 

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Not long ago, Alternative pop sister duo Caitlin & Sindey, aka Neoni, announced the release of their upcoming single “Empire”, which is set to be released on June 21st 2019.

In the build-up to their brand new single, Sidney & Caitlin have take some time out to answer some questions about their upcoming release & how this duo first got started. Check out what they had to say below.

1. Hi Neoni, thank you so much for agreeing to this interview. Can you start by telling the readers about yourself?

Hey everyone! Caitlin and Sidney Powell here! We are Neoni, an alternative pop sister duo out of Nashville, Tennessee. We moved to Nashville one year ago after living in the great state of Colorado, and we have a ton of new music coming your way! Our upcoming single ”Empire” is set to be released on June 21st, it will be followed up by a bunch of other singles, collaborations, and an EP currently in the works!

2. When did you first discover your passion for music?

We grew up surrounded by music. Everyone on our Mom’s side of the family can sing, never professionally, but every family gathering ended up in group singing, discovering cool new bands and attempting to harmonize to our favorite songs! Especially Indigo Girls tunes, those were always the most fun to harmonize to! So singing was always a part of our lives. We started playing guitar when we were 12 and 9 years old. From there we started writing songs and performing recitals with the music school at bars on Sundayafternoons. That was the spark that lit the flame!

3. How did the idea for you two to become a duo come together?

When we were kids we really didn’t get along. We are two completely opposite people and we definitely hadn’t figured out how to combine our different opinions and skills and actually like do things together! But one Christmas neither one of us had saved up enough chore money to get our wonderful mother a candle or anything. So we were both like, “Hey mom what do you want for Christmas that doesn’t have anything to do with money?” Not that we spent all our money on stupid stuff or anything but, hypothetically… She had always wanted us to sing together but we had always found a way out of it… Now her moment had arrived! It’s not like we could say no that would make us terrible people. Our first cover together was a battle. We survived… Barely and in the end neither of us would admit it, but singing together had actually been… fun. So we started performing together and everything started from there!

4. You recently revealed your new name to be Neoni, which is awesome by the way. How did the idea for this new name come together?

When we started looking for a new name we really wanted to find something that meant something to us, something that could tell our story right from the start.

Through the whole process of looking for a name we kinda relived the whole Facing West experience; what we learned, how we grew, where we came from. And that’s when the idea hit us! When we started the band we were busking on street corners, signing up for open mic nights and playing quiet restaurants. We had no idea what we were doing and no idea how we were going to make it work but we knew that we loved making music. Neoni means zero in Scots Gaelic. We started at zero. It’s a reminder of who we are and how we got here! We started at zero and then our supporters started to arrive and they changed everything. The new name keeps us humble, it keeps us driven and it keeps us connected to our roots!

5. How would you describe your music to anyone who is not familiar with your work?

Our music is dark, dramatic, empowering, reflective and raw. We’re currently trying to figure out how the hell life is supposed to work and that idea is really prevalent in what we’re creating. We’re just kind of stepping into adulthood and we want our music to create a community of people who can figure out life together, overcome obstacles and hold onto our individuality as we all make our way in the world.

6. You recently announced your new single “Empire”, which is set to be released June 21st. How did the idea for this new single come to light?

We had a full week of writing sessions scheduled with David Spencer a week after we moved to Nashville. There was definitely a lot of excitement and nervous energy about living in a new place and trying to find our way in Music City. Empire really came from that headspace. We wrote the song to bolster our confidence and push ourselves to take risks and try new things so we could build a place for ourselves!

7. Can you tell us what the story behind this song means to you individually?

Caitlin: Empire is a song about defeating the odds. It’s a song about fighting for the life you want. It’s a song about dedication and never giving up no matter what stands in your way. This is a song about breaking barriers, breaking rules and building your very own empire.

Sidney: For me, Empire is about being the person they never saw coming. In the first verse there’s a line that says, “hand over fist climbing until I can see my very own dynasty rising” when we were writing this song I had the mental picture that “success” was like this castle on a mountain and instead of just following the road that leads to the castle this person is literally climbing the mountain, and having to like rock climb and crap with like, I don’t know, a pick ax. Kind of an odd way to look at a song but it was a picture that made me see the story just as much as hear it. The mental picture represents someone who likes to do things their own way and most people think that their way would never work but it doesn’t matter because this person would rather die than conform. It’s not only about succeeding, but it’s about doing it on your terms, your way. It’s not everyday a queen comes to power y’all.

8. What is the message that you hope for your fans to take away from this upcoming release?

That the only person who can put limits on you is yourself. We want to remind people that with enough hard work and sacrifice you can legitimately be whoever you want to be! We want to inspire people to throw middle fingers at their haters and to fight for the person they can become and are becoming! Never listen to people who say you can’t, you’re not good enough, or that’s not in your cards. It’s our everyday decisions that decide our future and we all have the power to decide!

9. Could we possibly be seeing an album or tour following on from this single?

We have a couple more singles ready to go and an EP in the works! We don’t have a tour planned at the moment but we would absolutely love to tour in the future!

10. Now, this is the part where we get to know more about the artist behind the music. What was the first single that you ever bought?

Caitlin: Hmmm I think it was Pocket Full of Sunshine! I listened to that song nonstop. I think we had a dance we came up with to it! Unfortunately we don’t have video proof to back that up hahaha!

Sidney: I bought Switchfoot’s Vice Verses album in 2011, it came out two days before my birthday so it was perfect timing! It’s still one of my favorite albums!

11. What song do you always keep on your playlist & why?

Sidney: Trees by Twenty One Pilots, I feel like that song was perfectly written to meet you where you are, whenever I’m feeling paralyzed by fear and I can’t find a way to move past it I put on that song and it reminds me of all the times I’ve beat my own brain and it encourages me to take action!

Caitlin: Oooh that’s a hard one there’s so many of those favorite playlist songs! Since Sidney already mentioned Twenty One Pilots I’ll shake it up a bit and say Don’t Ask Cuz I Don’t Know by Jon Bellion! It’s one of those songs that I play when I get all wound up to remind myself that it’s ok to not always know what comes next and to take each wave as it comes!

12. When you are not performing, what do you like to get up to in your spare time? Any hobbies?

We have a couple hobbies! We are total book nerds! There’s just something wonderful about the way a good novel can help you take a step out of the stress of everyday life and travel into a whole new world without ever getting on a plane! We also love playing video games in our spare time! Legend of Zelda, Skyrim, Fortnite, Apex Legends, All games you might find us playing between sessions! We also love snowboarding! It’s a little hard to do here in Nashville but it’s still one of our favorite past times!

13. What is your all time favourite movie & why?

Caitlin: Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. It was one of the first movies I remember seeing with a friend and I still can’t get through the first scene without getting all teary eyed! It’s all about being free and wild and never losing your independence! Also it has one of the greatest soundtracks ever created, so dope!

Sidney: Step brothers, because it is a timeless classic.

14. What is one item that you can not live without?

Caitlin: Diet Mountain Dew. Because of my complete inability to maintain a regular sleep schedule because books are good and 2am is obviously the best time to watch alien conspiracy videos on youtube I have to turn to caffeine to exist when the sun is up. Is it healthy to live like this? Probably not. Am I going to stop and become responsible? Yet again, probably not.

Sidney: Ben & Jerrys half baked ice cream. It is my life force.

15. Who was your celebrity crush while you were growing up?

Caitlin: Dude this is taking me back! Dylan Sprouse. I never missed an episode of Suite Life!

Sidney: Kicking it back to 2011, I was ten years old, he was in a movie called Real Steel, his name was Dakota Goyo.

16. If you travel to any country in the world, where would you go & why?

Caitlin: I think I would pick New Zealand. I would really like to visit Hobbiton! I realize that there’s a ton of other good reasons to visit New Zealand and a lot of other stuff there I would like to see but if I had to pick one reason it would have to be experiencing Lord of the Rings in real life!

Sidney: There are a TON of places that I’d love to travel to, and my top spot is always changing, but when I was a kid we went to this random educational fair thing and I saw a picture of Guam, and i’ve been obsessed ever since. Bucket. List.

17. What is one piece of advice that you would give to anyone who wanted to follow your footsteps into the music industry?

Know who you are. There is going to be a lot of people saying a lot of things about who you should be, what you should say, what you should wear etc… It’s really easy to get lost in the noise and forget who you are and why you started. Your music and brand have to represent who you actually are to feel authentic. In the end you will have to try to be who you say you are so start with the truth and you’ll be less likely to lose your way.

18. Finally, is there anything you would like to say to the readers of the Fierce & Fabulous Revolution?

First off thank you so much for doing this interview with us Jess and thank you to everyone who is reading this! Our upcoming single Empire is the start of a brand new chapter for us and we are so excited to release it and share all this new music we’ve been working on!

You can pre save “Empire” by clicking here.

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