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Review: Lexx Releases The Brand New Single “Evelyn”!

Following on from the recent successes of “Runaway” & “Taking In”. Indie/pop musician Lexx has released her brand new single titled “Evelyn”!

This release features a haunting tone that perfectly incorporates the musical style that we have come to Lexx in recent times & gives us another taste of the expressive musical style that we know Lexx to possess.

The way that Lexx uses the hypnotic tone behind her vocals to display a dazzling performance for the full duration of this song is a musical gift to be admired.

Overall, I believe that this single has continued the stream of catchy songs that capture your full attention from the first moment that you listen & believe this is a song that you are going to want to be listening to!

You can check out “Evelyn” on Spotify below.

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