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Review: Kalsey Kulyk Releases The Brand New Single “Bad Liar”!

Country singer/songwriter Kalsey Kulyk has released her brand new single titled “Bad Liar”!

This latest release focuses on learning to deal with whatever problems come our way & to not let anyone or anything get the better of us & change the person who we are inside.

Even though this song features an encouraging message about not letting anyone change who we are, there is also a fun element behind it, which adds more personality to the song itself & gives us a chance to see the passionate artist behind the music.

I feel that this song perfectly showcases the unique qualities behind Kalsey’s voice & gives the listener’s a chance to engage their own experiences to the lyrics, which help’s to build a personal connection from the first few listens.

I would highly recommend this song to anyone who is looking for a vibrant song that you can dance along to from the very first listen. Certainly a song that I will be keeping on my playlist for a long while to come!

You can check out “Bad Liar” on Spotify below.

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