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Review: Elli Moore Releases The Brand New Single “Somebody To Talk To”!

Upcoming music sensation Elli Moore has released her brand new single “Somebody To Talk To”!

Speaking to us about her latest release, Elli said “Somebody To Talk To is a song I wrote about being an independent person but at the end of the day yearning for the companionship of someone in your life to be there to check in on you & see how your day is going. Feeling lonely is something everyone goes through at some point & so I wanted to send out a message that it’s okay to be an awesome independent person who still wants that connection & conversation every once in a while.”

This latest single highlights Elli’s passionate vocal tone & showcases the natural sassy undertone, which features deep within Elli’s outstanding voice.

I feel that this single has a personal connection to Elli, which help’s to highlight the natural spark that features within this talented artist’s incredible musical style & help the listeners to engage their own experiences with the lyrics behind the song.

You can check out “Somebody To Talk To” on Spotify below.

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