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Review: Danny McMahon Releases The Brand New EP ‘Boys Cry Too’!

Country music sensation Danny McMahon has released his brand new 4-track EP ‘Boys Cry Too’!

Danny’s latest release focuses on spreading a powerful & heartfelt message that beautifully portrays the passionate & creative musical ability behind this talented musician.

The title track from this EP “Boys Cry Too” features a raw & emotive message about how no one should hide away how they are feeling & that it is okay to say that you are not okay.

Each track features an obvious personal connection for Danny, which help’s you to connect even more with the songs themselves.

Another factor behind this EP is that each song has given Danny a chance to explore the full variety behind his astonishing vocals while staying loyal to his natural country style.

If you have not listened to this EP yet, then I guarantee that you are in for a real musical treat!

Danny also has a number of upcoming tour dates, including performances at Buckle & Boots (26th May), British Country Music Festival (13th September), & the Voghera Country Festival.

You can listen to ‘Boys Cry Too’ on Spotify below.

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