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Review: Bianca Rose Releases The Brand New Single “Run and Hide”!

Photo: Bianca Rose “Run and Hide” Official Video.

British/Nigerian/Jamaican Alternative Pop RnB artist, Bianca Rose has released the brand new single “Run and Hide” that was written with & produced by Jake Isaac.

Speaking about this latest release, Bianca said “‘Run and Hide’ encourages us to feel our feelings, specifically around loss”.

This single has highlighted the emotive texture behind Bianca’s passionate voice & created an automatic connection between the artist herself & the listeners of this song.

I feel that Bianca has something very unique surrounding her voice, which captivates the emotive essence that features through the entire duration of this single & incorporates the synth and heavy bass that Bianca has introduced with this R&B track.

You can check out the official video for “Run and Hide” below.

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