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Review: High15 Release The Brand New Single “Back To Me”!

Following the recent success of their latest singles “No Drama” & “On My Mind”. Swedish pop sensations High15 have released their brand new single “Back To Me”!

This latest single focuses on when someone you deeply loved returns back into your life & expects you to forget all the things they did to you. This time, however, you are wiser & tell them not to bother (Bye, bye!).

I feel that this single has given these talented ladies the opportunity to showcase the sassy & fiery vocals that feature within each of their voices, along with highlighting the power that this group can deliver when they combine their harmonies together.

This single features a strong & catchy beat, which is bringing all of the early summer feel-good vibes while giving you a sense of the artists behind the song.

Overall, I believe that this latest single has all of the makings of a future summer anthem & I would honestly recommend giving this song a listen if you are looking for a song that will have you dancing along from the first time that you hear it.

You can check out “Back To Me” on Spotify below.

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