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Review: Parker McKay Releases The Brand New Single “Honest”!

Country singer/songwriter Parker McKay has released the emotive new single “Honest”!

This latest release focuses on falling out of love with someone that you once deeply cared for, but now it doesn’t seem worth fighting to save what was there once before.

The song beautifully showcases the raw emotive elegance behind Parker’s voice & gives this talented artist the opportunity to explore the soulful textures that feature deep within her angelic sound.

The lyrics capture the raw personal texture of Parker’s voice & gives you the chance to feel a connection between Parker & the song, from the very first listen.

There is something about this release that will have you singing along from the first few listens (In my case, I will leave the singing to Parker), which gives you a sense of the passionate & relatable nature behind the song.

Overall, I believe that this release has highlighted Parker’s passionate & natural musical gift & given you a chance to see the emotive creativity that features deep within her incredible voice.

You can check out “Honest” on Spotify below.

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