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Review: ISA Releases The Brand New Single “RARE” Ft Garren!

Swedish music sensation ISA has released the brand new single “RARE” featuring Garren!

If you haven’t heard by now, ISA is set to release her debut album in the next few weeks & will be releasing a single each week to count down the official release.

The first single “Bye Bye” was released last Friday & now “RARE” has entered the mix!

This latest release has given ISA the chance to show the sassy elements that surround her vocals, while also giving us a sense of the power that she can deliver through the duration of this song.

I feel that ISA & Garren’s vocals combine well together & deliver a musical sensation from start to finish, which help’s you to connect more with the energy behind this latest single.

I am always excited to see what musical releases ISA has in store for us. The way she delivers a constant stream of singles that showcase her natural talent while staying true to musical style is simply a creative talent to be admired.

You can check out “RARE” on Spotify below.

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