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Review: Taynee Lord & The Crookes Release The Brand New Single “Dress Code”!

Country musician Taynee Lord & The Crookes has released the brand new single “Dress Code”!

This catchy new single focuses on falling for someone so bad that you are more than happy to go out & do anything with them, as long as they give you a dress code on what to wear of course!

This song highlights the fun & sassy lyrics behind Taynee’s voice by giving us a sense of the artist behind the music, which captures your attention from the first time that you listen. However, please be warned that once you listen to this, you might be wanting to keep this on repeat for a long while to come.

I believe that this latest track gives Taynee an opportunity to show what an incredible musical gift that she possesses, by not only giving us a taste of her incredible vocals but also getting to see the fun nature behind this artist.

You can check out “Dress Code” on Spotify below.

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