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Review: Abi Releases The Brand New Single “Boomerang”!

Upcoming country music sensation Abi has released the brand new single titled “Boomerang”!

Abi’s latest release is a tribute to a true love, who embraces her passionate & determined spirit so much that they decide to let her go so she can fulfil her dreams, but they both know that they will find each other again.

Abi’s incredible vocals take centre stage through the duration of this song, which helps to build an automatic connection between the lyrics & the listeners of the song.

The song itself features a catchy melody that will have you dancing along from the very first moment that you hear it.

Overall, I believe that Abi possesses a magnificent musical gift that captures the essence behind the story of the song & helps to bring the music to life.

After listening to this song, I know that I will be adding it straight to my playlist & know for a fact that I will not be the only person doing so. I would highly suggest giving this song a listen!

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