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Review: Southern Halo Release Their Brand New Single “Sunshine”!

Country trio Southern Halo have released their brand new single “Sunshine”!

With summer fast approaching, we have been looking for a number of catchy tracks to get us into the summer spirit & this song is definitely a track to get you in that feel good mood.

This latest release talks about that emotion you feel when you travel somewhere that gives you a full sense of relaxation & peace when you need to escape from your problems & wanting to recreate those moments as much as possible.

The song gives you a feel-good vibe from start to finish & leaves you craving more from the first time that you hear it.

I believe that we could be looking at the next summer music sensation. The way that this gifted trio combines their harmonies to create a sense of fun while showcasing their incredible voices is a true statement to what incredible artists they really are. I would highly recommend giving this a listen!

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