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Review: Kassi Ashton Releases Her Brand New Single “Pretty Shiny Things”!

Country singer/songwriter Kassi Ashton has released the inspiring new single “Pretty Shiny Things”!

This latest release focuses on how we should stop letting people create & influence a fake version of ourselves & start embracing the person who we really are. No matter what anyone might think of it.

The way that Kassi has brought the emotion behind the lyrics to life by using the full passion behind her angelic vocals is a true statement to the incredibly talented musician that she is.

I feel that Kassi has such an amazing talent that we are lucky that she is sharing with the world.

There is something about this talented artists voice that draws you in from the very first listen & I can see this very gifted lady having a very exciting musical career ahead of her.

You can check out “Pretty Shiny Things” on Spotify below

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