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Review: Hailey Whitters Releases Her Brand New Single “The Days”!

Country singer/songwriter Hailey Whitters has released her brand new single titled “The Days”!

This latest release from Hailey focuses on the moment that you realise that we are never going to get the time back that we lost & instead of looking back. We should focus on making the most out of the time that we have now.

This sweet country ballad has captured the pure emotion of what we have all experienced when that moment has hit us & I feel that this is something you could easily listen to on repeat for hours at a time.

I feel that Hailey has a very gentle & angelic voice that is beautifully reflected within this latest release & gives the delicate harmonies of her voice a chance to take centre stage.

While I am listening to this song, I feel as though I am listening to the future of country music. The way that Hailey has shown the captivating quality behind her voice within this song shows you what an incredible artist that she truly is.

You can check out “The Days” on Spotify below.

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