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Preview: Christina Taylor Vocals Shine On Upcoming Release “Settin’ Myself On Fire”!

Country singer/songwriter Christina Taylor is set to release her brand new single in a matter of weeks & I have had the pleasure to have an early listen so that I can share my thoughts on what you can expect from this upcoming single!

Christina’s upcoming track focuses on the anger you experience when you feel that you are being taken for granted in a relationship & have decided that enough is enough (You tell them!). So you decide that it’s best to start putting yourself first & focus on yourself for once.

This song features a slow-paced pop-country vibe that makes you smile from start to finish.

The way that Christina’s voice features a constant angelic tone through the entire duration of the song has helped showcase the raw natural talent that Christina possesses. There is something about the way she performs this song that just help’s to bring the passion behind the lyrics to life.

I honestly believe that Christina is a pure natural talent who has a very bright musical career ahead of her. One name I that you should be keeping an eye on in the near future!

Christina’s “Settin’ Myself On Fire” will be released 29th March 2019. Until then you can find a number of Christina’s tracks listed below.

UPDATE: The song has now been released & you can check it out below!

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