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Review: Jack Maynard Releases The Brand New Song “Middle Child” Featuring Conor & Anna Maynard!

Photo: Jack Maynard “Middle Child” Ft Conor Maynard & Anna Maynard Official Video.

Jack Maynard recently teamed-up alongside Conor & Anna Maynard for an attempt at the one hour song challenge, which ended up with the talented sibling trio producing the track “Middle Child”.

This latest release focuses on Jack’s feelings & experiences from being the middle child within the family.

The track itself features a very catchy melody that you instantly start singing along with from the first time that you hear it.

I honestly can’t believe that this song was created as part of the one hour song challenge (Well, it was close enough to one hour). The song itself features a rather comical element, while also portraying the emotions you feel growing up as the middle child within your family.

I think we already know that the Maynards are all very talented musicians in their own right & I feel that their fun & bubbly personalities also get a chance to shine through the duration of the track.

I believe I speak for many of us when I say that I would love to see an album released by Jack, Conor & Anna in the future (pretty please!).

You can check out the official video for “Middle Child” below.

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