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Review: Cassie Dasilva Releases Her Brand New Single “Still In Love”!

Singer/songwriter Cassie Dasilva has released her brand new single “Still In Love”!

Cassie’s latest release centres on the feelings you experience you can feel during a break-up & how that even though you might think that is the worst pain. It actually feels worse to realise that you didn’t give the relationship everything you have & now you look back with the thoughts that you may have taken it for granted & regret not showing that person how you really felt.

I love the soothing tone behind the song, which adds an extra emotional element to the remorseful lyrics featured through the duration of the song.

The way that Cassie has used the delicate tones within her voice to help carry across the emotional nature of the song shows the talented nature behind this artist’s musical gift.

I believe that Cassie Dasilva is going to be a name to watch out for in the future & can see her hitting the top of the charts in the near future.

You can check out “Still In Love” on Spotify below!

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