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Review: Liv Charette Releases Her Brand New Single “Boy Crazy”!

Country singer/songwriter Liv Charette has released her brand new single “Boy Crazy”!

Liv’s latest release focuses on the rush you experience when you start to develop a crush on a guy & it makes you start to feel a little crazy that you don’t know how to act on it or if he likes you back.

I love the country rock n’ roll vibe that features within Liv’s sassy voice & believe it helps to add a little something extra to the song.

There is something about this artist that just screams “a future superstar in the making”. The way that she creates a captivating connection from start to finish, is a true statment to her musical talent & I just can see this talented lady going far with her career!

You can check out “Boy Crazy” on Spotify below!

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