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Review: Carina Dahl Releases Brand New Single “Hold Me Down”!

Carina Dahl has brought the full sassyiness with her latest single “Hold Me Down”!

In her latest release, Carina isn’t taking any prisoners by declaring that she can’t be brought & won’tbe controled by anyone (Yes queen!).

The message behind this song is even more carried across with the sassy undertones of Carina’s passionate voice, which helps to also show the passion that features within her voice. I truly feel that this song also gives Carina a chance to show us a pure taste of her musical talent.

Overall, I believe that this song is going to be gracing my playlist for a long while to come. The way that this song connects with Carina’s voice, gives this talented artist a chance to show what she is made of. Definetly worth checking out!

You can check out “Hold Me Down” on Spotify below.

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