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Review: Kalie Shorr Releases Revamped Version Of “Awake” Ft Jonny Brenns!

Country singer/songwriter Kalie Shorr has released a brand new version of her already incredible single “Awake” with the accompanying vocals of Jonny Brenns!

I feel that this version of “Awake” showcases the creative genius behind Kalie’s phenominal musical talent.

The combination of Kalie & Jonny’s vocals is a match created in musical heaven. The way they have been able to create such a magical union of angelic harmonies, which creates an emotional connection between themselves & the listeners, is an incredible example of both of these artists musical brilliance.

There has always been something captivating about this song & the way that Kalie has been able to keep that with a new revamp, is a true statement to her incredible talent.

You can check out “Awake” on Spotify below

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