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Review: Chelsea Berman Releases The Official Video For “Kiss Me Like You Miss Me”!

Country musician Chelsea Berman has released the official video for her latest single “Kiss Me Like You Miss Me”.

Chelsea’s latest musical release focuses on a relationship with one person prioritising the relationship more than the other & they are just waiting for the day when that person wakes up & sees what is actually in front of them.

In my opinion, the feel-good melody gives the lyrics a little something extra by adding another vibe to the emotive lyrics. Even though the lyrics are focusing on a current one-sided relationship, which should create more of a heartbreaking vibe. It also creates more of a fun vibe that has you singing along from the first time you hear it.

I also love how the official video reflects the lyrics perfectly. You get not only the story behind the song brought to life, but it also feels that you get to see parts of Chelsea’s personality through the duration of the video, which I feel reflects the creativeness behind Chelsea’s musical style.

I believe it is safe to say that Chelsea Berman is a name that you should be looking out for in the near future. There is a very bright musical career ahead of this very talented artist!

You can check out the official video for “Kiss Me Like You Miss Me” below.

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