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Review: Jenna Renae Releases Official Audio For “Better Off”!

Country singer/songwriter Jenna Renae has released the official audio for her sentimental track “Better Off”.

Jenna’s latest release focuses on two people who are very closing to falling in love, however they don’t have the strength to make the final move (Come on you two, we are all rooting for you!).

I feel that this song takes you through a variety of emotions through the story behind the lyrics. At first, you feel a heartwarming sensation, but by the end, you feel slightly disheartened because you are so connected to the story behind the lyrics, you can’t help but be caught up in the passion of the song.

Another fact behind this song is Jenna’s incredible & angelic voice. The way she tell’s a story behind her lyrics is one thing, but to bring the story behind it to life through the energy within her vocals. That is truly a statement for this artists musical talent.

You can listen to “Better Off” on Spotify below.

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