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Review: Adrian Jørgensen Releases Brand New Single “The Bubble”!

Adrian Jørgensen has released his brand new single “The Bubble” in the hope of representing Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

In his latest release, Adrian sings about a relationship that has reached the final chapter of its journey. With the lyrics speaking about how upon reflection, this relationship was going nowhere for a very long time & how both parties had been stuck in a bubble just trying to hold onto what turns out to something, which turned out to be nothing at all.

This song gives Adrian a chance to show the rawness of his voice, which help’s to bring the heartbreaking story behind the lyrics to life. There is something about this song that just automatically clicks with Adrian’s voice & that gives us a chance to connect with the song on more of a personal level. I also love the added touch of the added extra voice at the very end. It feels like by adding that extra touch, you get a sense of boths sides of the lyrical story.

Overall, I believe that Adrian has a very raw texture within his voice that comes fully across through the duration of the song & gives the emotional lyrics a chance to come to life. I honestly believe that Adrian has a very special musical gift that I just know is going to take him to some incredible places within his musical journey.

You can check out “The Bubble” on Spotify below.

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