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Review: Ariana Grande Releases Sassy New Single “7 Rings”!

Ariana Grande has released her brand new single “7 Rings”, which samples “My Favourite Things” from The Sound Of Music & I am just living for it!

In her latest release, Ariana put’s her spin on a total classic. The single features a range of lavish lyrics, which are a tribute to Ariana’s friends.

I feel that this song features a variety of lyrics that perfectly describe the feeling when you head on a shopping trip with your BFF’s & you feel like you are living the glamours lifestyle & feeling like you have a million dollars in your bank (She says while crying at her current bank account).

The way that Ariana has put her own spin on a timeless classic, helps to showcase her musical styling to the max. I can’t help but want to listen to this on repeat!

Overall, after listening to this song & watching the video a few times. I think that it’s 100% safe to say that Ariana truly is the definition of Fierce & Fabulous!

You can watch the official video for “7 Rings” below!

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