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Review: Dean Lewis Releases Brand New Single “7 Minutes”!

Singer/songwriter Dean Lewis has released the follow-up to his 2018 international hit “Be Alright”.

In his latest release, Dean dedicates the lyrics to the moment when you meet someone, create a range of magical memories & eventually end up being left with nothing but regret.

I feel that this song perfectly suits the silky tones of Dean’s voice & brings out the emotional elements that feature within his vocals.

The lyrics are extreamlly catchy & you can’t help but want to sit back & listen to this song on repeat for hours.

I honestly believe that Dean has such an incredible musical gift, which reflects within his music. You feel that you are not just listening to a song, but also getting to hear a story from his life, which help’s you to connect with his music on another level. You just know that Dean has a very bright musical future ahead of him!

You can check out “7 Minutes” below.

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