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Review: Gracie Carol Releases Brand New Single “Storm Chaser”!

Country singer/songwriter Gracie Carol, has recently released her brand new single “Storm Chaser”.

In her lateast release, Gracie brings us a pure emotional lyric masterpiece, which helps to showcase the angelic harmonies that feature within her voice.

I feel that the lyrics behind this song bring out the full purity of Gracie’s unique & incredible voice, which really helps you to connect more with the emotion behind the song.

There is something very special behind this song that captures your full attention from the first time that you hear it & gives you the sense of feeling lost within the music.

Overall, I believe that this song really captures the true essense of Gracie’s incredible musical talent & gives you a real taste of the artist that she wants to become. You just know that there is a very bright musical future ahead of this talented artist.

You can listen to “Storm Chaser” on Spotify below.

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