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Review: Ester Peony Releases Brand New Single “On A Sunday”!

Photo: Ester Peony “On A Sunday” YouTube Video.

Musician Ester Peony has released her brand new single titled “On A Sunday”!

In her latest release, Ester showcases the sassy & soulful tones of her voice in this tragic tale of a lover left scorned by the person who she believed she would be spending the rest of her life with.

I love the way that Ester uses the raw emotion featured within her vocal tone to bring out the full pain & hurt behind the lyrics. Another thing I love is the way that within only a few seconds of listening you feel the full sassy tone of Ester’s voice, which really helps to showcase her incredible range as an artist.

This track is honestly such a perfect fit for Ester & really gives her a chance to show us what her voice is made of. I know for a fact that I will be listening to this song for a long while to come & know that I will not be the only person to do so.

You can check out “On A Sunday” below!

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