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Review: Sergiu Bolotă Releases Brand New Single “Un Nou Inceput”!

Sergiu Bolota Un Nou Inceput

Singer/songwriter Sergiu Bolotă has released his brand new single titled “Un Nou Inceput” (A New Beginning)!

Sergiu describes his latest track as “This is an encouragement song. Sooner or later everybody needs a little help when things are not going so well and one of the best ways to encourage someone is through music. I wrote it when I was in a bad place in my life and I meant every word”.

For me, I believe that Sergiu has a very pure texture within his vocals, which help’s to showcase the emotion that features within his delicate vocal tone, as well as the purity behind the lyrics of the song.

I feel that Sergiu always delivers such pure & raw emotion with every single song that he releases. I find the way that he is able to create a connection between himself & the listeners of his song’s to be quite a rare & unique one.

I can honestly say that I believe that Sergiu is a real musical gem that always delivers such stunning musical material. I find his voice to be full of pure emotion & passion, which always reflects within his music. If you have not listened to his music before, I would highly recommend checking him out.

You can check out “Un Nou Inceput” below.

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