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Review: Ariana Grande Releases Official Video For “Breathin”!


Ariana Grande Breathin Official Video
Photo: Ariana Grande “Breathin” Official Video.


Ariana Grande has released the official video for “Breathin” from her stunning album ‘Sweetener’!

Not long ago, Ariana released her brand new uplifting single “Thank u, next” & now she is blessing us with the official video for her incredible song “Breathin”.

In her latest video, Ariana is seen reflecting on herself as she walks through crowds of people & different locations, which reflects the feeling of anxiety many of us feel when we are in a crowded location.

The video also features a number of scenes of Ariana surounded by clowds, which to me reflects the sense of bliss we feel when we are able to reflect away from our anxiety, which can sometimes be hardest thing to feel.

The official video is a perfect tribute to the story behind the lyrics of the song & help’s to create a deep emotional connection between herself & the listeners of the son. I also believe that this video help’s capture the raw emotion behind the song and is a tribute to Ariana’s creative musical styling.

You can check out the official video for “Breathin” below.

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