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‘The Music In Me’ Interview #1 (Ft Alex Dewing)!

The Music In Me Interview Number 1

Today, I will be bringing you guys a brand new feature for my blog called ‘The Music In Me’ Interview (Insert High School Musical quote), which focuses on getting to know somebody through their choices in music!


So, what is ‘The Music In Me’ interview all about? Well, in this new feature I will be conducting an interview with a twist.

They say the best way to get to know somebody is through their playlist, so today I will be trying to put that theory to the test!

The twist is that the person/people being interviewed have to respond to the question with a song that they believe best describes their answer. For example, If I asked “How would you best describe yourself?” you would respond with a song that you believe best sum’s up your personality, plus a little write-up about why you think that song best describes you.

So who is the person behind the very first ‘The Music In Me’ interview? The one & only Alex Dewing!

Alex runs her self-titled blog, which focuses on a variety of film related topics, including some of the latest movie releases, as well as some of Alex’s personal favourites, and her popular 1 Minute Review Series & Score Spotlight. You should really check out her blog by clicking the link here!

You can check out what Alex had to say below!

  1. Hey Alex, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Could you start by telling me a song that you feel best describes you?

“Try This At Home” by Frank Turner

Alex: This was a hard one to start with but I decided to settle on this brilliant classic from Frank Turner. The song is all about encouraging people to make music and try it themselves, but to me I think it describes how if I want to do something or try something I just plough ahead and make it work!

  1. What song do you feel best describes your blog?

“First Bath Of A Stray Dog” by Alexandre Desplat

Alex: My blog is, predominantly, for film reviews so I had to pick a song from a favourite film of mine. The song is also, like I hope my blog is, a little quirky and a lot of fun. Plus, I like to keep my film reviews short and sweet (all around 1 minute) just like the song is!

  1. Is there a song that you always keep on your playlist?

“Come on Eileen” by Dexys Midnight Runners

Alex: No song can lift my spirits like this one can, I first heard it when I watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Dexys have featured on my playlist ever since, and this one has a special spot.

  1. What TV show would you consider to be your all time favourite?

“SHERlocked” by Michael Price and David Arnold

Alex: I have a whole video dedicated to how BBC’s Sherlock utterly inspired me and my love for film and TV. I love it so much I’ve actually worn out one of the discs in my Series 2 collection, and this song is probably my favourite of all four series.

  1. Carrying on slightly from the last question, what movie would you consider to be your all time favourite?

“Medieval Waters” by Carter Burwell

Alex: I find it almost impossible to pick a singular favourite film but In Bruges is pretty damn close. The dark comedy, Colin Farrell’s incredible performance, and Burwell’s score just make it for me and I can come back to it over and over again just like I can with this song in particular.

  1. Is there a song that you and your friends always play out loud?

“He’s A Pirate” – Hans Zimmer vs Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Alex: We’re film score nerds and this is just our jam! (Close second is a remix of the Ghostbusters theme, which I think is very telling of my character!)

  1. What is your favourite food?

“Rising Hope” by LiSA

Alex: If you’ve never heard of LiSA before, she’s a Japanese singer and this song is used as the opening theme to an anime called The Irregular at Magic High School. So, clearly from all that, my favourite food is Japanese food – sushi, ramen, yakisoba, I’ll take it all!

  1. Do you have any pets?

“Puppy Love” by Donny Osmond

Alex: I have two incredible dogs, a Golden Labrador and a Labrador retriever who, although is nearly 10 years old, acts as if she were a puppy and I love her so much because of that!

  1. What sort of things do you like to get up to in your spare time?

“Paperback Writer” by The Beatles

Alex: Okay, so I don’t write paperbacks but I spend a lot of my spare time either reading them or working on script ideas for films or YouTube videos!

  1. Finally, what song would you consider to be your all time favourite?

“Photosynthesis” by Frank Turner

Alex: Frank Turner is my all-time favourite singer (who I was lucky enough to meet!) so he gets to be two answers! This song just fills me with joy and hope. “And I won’t sit down. And I won’t shut up. And most of all I will not grow up” – certainly words to live by.

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