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Review: Canaan Cox Releases Brand New Single “Greener”!

canaan cox greener

Rising Country music star Canaan Cox, has released his brand new single titled “Greener”!

I believe that this song a clear indication of Canaan’s incredible musical talent, and gives us a strong taste of his unique musical style.

The way that Canaan has used his angelic voice to bring out the passionate emotion behind the lyrics, is a true statement to the talented and pure nature of his music. I honestly feel that Canaan really draws you in with the strong emotional connection, between himeself and the lyrics of the song.

I honestly believe that Canaan will be taking the charts by storm very soon, and when you hear songs like “Greener” it really is not hard to see why. You just know that you are listening to a future superstar in the making.

You can check out “Greener” on Spotify below.

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