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Review: Jenny Tolman Releases Brand New Single “Rock & Roll To My Country Soul”!

Jenny Tolman roack and roll to my country soul

Country music star Jenny Tolman, has released a stop-motion video for her brand new single titled “Rock & Roll To My Country Soul”!

In her brand new single, Jenny showcases a brand new side to her Country music style, which I have already fallen in love with. I feel that even though this single is showing a new side to Jenny that we have not seen before, you also see Jenny staying true to her pure musical style, which to me is the sign of an incredibly pure and talented artist.

I love the way that Jenny continue’s to use the emotional element within her voice to bring out the purity of the lyrics. I find that by doing this, it really help’s you to connect easily with the song.

Overall, I believe that this is another amazing track from Jenny, and after listening to “Something To Complain About” & this stunning new track. I have no doubt in my mind that Jenny has such a strong music career ahead of her. She will 100% be a name to be looking out for!

You can check out the stop-motion video for “Rock & Roll To My Country Soul” below.

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