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Review: Tenille Arts Releases Brand New Single “I Hate This”!

Tenille Arts i hate this

Country singer Tenille Arts, has released her brand new single “I Hate This”!

Well, first thing’s first. I have to say that there is no way the title of this track represents how I feel about this track. I definitely don’t “hate this”. I actually love it!

I feel that this song really give’s Tenille a chance to bring out the emotional elements that feature within her sweet and angelic vocals. I also believe the way that Tenille performs this track, show’s you that this song has a very personal connection for Tenille, and help’s you to connect even more with the song.

I believe that this song is a very strong statement for Tenille’s musical talent, and gives you a very strong taste of the passion and emotion that she continues to deliver with her music. I would honestly recommend giving this song a listen!

You can check out “I Hate This” on Spotify below.

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